Mother’s Day Isn’t Always Easy

May 12, 201311 Comments

Mother’s Day is a vulnerable time for a lot of women, my wife included. This year I asked her to put her thoughts into words. She wrote this:

To the mother whose kids woke up this morning with joy and smiles, and to the mother who feels she has failed 1000 times already today;

To the mother who is being celebrated with chocolate and tulips and scribbled cards, and to the single mother who works nonstop and still struggles to pay the bills;

To the mother who is being embraced by three generations of life, and to the mother who doesn’t know how many more hugs she has left to give;

To the mother who just heard that first little heartbeat, and to the mother who just buried her firstborn;

To the mother who found out she’s expecting, and to the not-yet mother crying in the bathroom as her prayers remain unanswered;

To the mother waiting for her kids to pick her up from the train station, and to the mother getting on a plane to meet her baby at an orphanage on the far side of the world;

To the mother blessed to be loved by a good man, and to the mother who went to bed last night with a bruise she has to hide today;

To the mother who had it all figured out before having kids, and to the mother who now knows that she doesn’t know a thing;

To the mother who wishes her daughter would listen to her once in awhile, and to the mother who wishes she had listened to her own mother just a little bit more;

To the mother with a quiver full of good, and to the mother with a prodigal or two or three;

To the mother who is wearing a new dress today, and to the mother who can’t get out of bed to get dressed;

To the mother who will be taken out to a nice dinner tonight, and to the mother forced to walk the streets to provide her children a loaf of bread;

To the mother grateful for her healthy ones, and to the mother holding her child’s hand in a hospital room;

To the mother whose child is graduating at the top of his class, and to the mother whose child might not graduate at all;

To the mother full of hope and the mother full of disappointment;

To the mother longing for another child, and to the mother who feels trapped by the life growing inside;

To the mother of the happiest baby and the hardest;

To the mother who first gave birth in her 40’s, and to the mother whose childhood ended at 13;

To the mother who can’t find an empty room, and to the mother who knows only lonely rooms;

To the mother who is missing her own mother, and to the mother whose greatest fear is becoming just like her mother;

To the mother who never got to be and to the mother who brought forth more life than she could bear;

To the the mother who speaks grace and to the mother who has never been shown that grace …

To all mothers here and there and in between, peace to you this day.

11 Responses to “Mother’s Day Isn’t Always Easy”

  1. Happy Mothers Day to Marcy. Beautiful words. And Happy Birthday Corban. Hope today is a great day for all your family!!

  2. Theresa

    Happy Mothers day. Ms Marcy your were inspiring and add peace to my spirit in more ways than one. Bless You

  3. SO beautiful!!!! Thank you!

  4. Donna Lewis

    Love this! Hugs to you both!

  5. Reblogged this on disregard the prologue and commented:
    This is incredibly powerful. I had to share.

  6. This is incredible. I hope you don’t mind me sharing.

  7. Dr. Sharon Carson

    So powerful, it brought tears to my eyes. Peace with you today, thank you

  8. What a wonderful message to women everywhere and at every stage in life. Peace, and may God hold you in the hollow of His hands.

  9. Janice Albert

    Beautifully expressed…

  10. Heidi Kauffman

    Beautifully woven words… Thank you, Marcy (and Corban) for sharing!

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