Media and Reviews of A Harvest of Thorns


“Through his broad, intelligent research and insightful writing, Addison prods the conscience, trumpeting justice while acknowledging that the cost of a globalized society is incalculably higher than the price of a T-shirt.”


“Addison crafts a stunning legal thriller that will immerse readers in its South Asian setting and fascinating characters.”

PHILLIP MARGOLIN, New York Times Best-selling Author

“This expose of the underbelly of the international fashion industry is disturbing, moving and thoroughly engrossing.”

WILBUR SMITH, Worldwide Bestselling Author

“This is a poignant and engrossing description of the manner in which men and women from the poorest countries on the globe are pressing into working for slave wages to manufacture soft goods to be sold in the most affluent countries in North America and Europe. Corban Addison will hold you spellbound with his elegant prose from his first word to his last.”

LIVIA FIRTH, Oxfam Global Ambassador, UN Leader of Change, and Founder of Eco Age Ltd

“A must read book which uncovers what lies behind what we wear every single day. I promise that you will never be able to look at your clothes the same way again.”