Gun Violence in America

February 6, 20132 Comments

It’s lonely in the middle.

It’s one of the smartest observations my wife has ever made. We’ve been talking a lot about guns lately—ever since twenty little kids no different from our son got blown away by another kid armed with an assault rifle just a few hours up the road. We’re parents; we can’t help it. In our more gullible moments, we’ve fantasized about a world without guns, a world in which children will never again be torn to shreds by hollow-point bullets in a schoolhouse, or anywhere else.

But we haven’t capitulated to illusion.

We are realists, and we value our […] Read More

December 21, 20124 Comments

The tragedy in Newtown has shattered us as a people. Our hearts are bleeding with the families of the fallen. Especially those of us who have young children like Noah and Emilie and Grace and the seventeen other beautiful little ones cut down by a hail of bullets in one of the most innocent places on earth–an elementary school classroom.

America has become a watershed of tears.

Not long after the shooting, my wife took my two-year-old daughter to the grocery. An old woman stopped her in the aisle. “She’s precious,” she said of Kalia. “You know that, don’t you?” My wife […] Read More