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Giving the Gift of Justice

It’s early December and I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Holiday season—frosting on the windows, light strings and ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling, bows adorning the booths, and Frank Sinatra crooning from the speakers, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . .” I agree […]

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My Heroes – Profiles in Courage – International Justice Mission

In the video trailer for my new novel, The Garden of Burning Sand, I ask a question that all of us have to wrestle with: Can one person really make a difference when there is so much wrong in so many places? Last month, I began a series of posts called “Profiles in Courage” that […]

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  • “Through his broad, intelligent research and insightful writing, Addison prods the conscience, trumpeting justice while acknowledging that the cost of a globalized society is incalculably higher than the price of a T-shirt.”

    - Publishers Weekly (starred review) about A Harvest of Thorns

  • In A Harvest of Thorns, "Addison crafts a stunning legal thriller that will immerse readers in its South Asian setting and fascinating characters."

    - Library Journal

  • “This expose of the underbelly of the international fashion industry is disturbing, moving and thoroughly engrossing.”

    - Phillip Margolin about A Harvest of Thorns

  • "Corban Addison will hold you spellbound with his elegant prose from his first word to his last."

    - Wilbur Smith about A Harvest of Thorns

  • “A must read book which uncovers what lies behind what we wear every single day. I promise that you will never be able to look at your clothes the same way again.”

    - Livia Firth about A Harvest of Thorns

  • "Suspenseful, sprawling ... could not be more timely. A fast-paced thriller with its humanitarian moral at the forefront."

    - Kirkus Reviews about The Tears of Dark Water

  • "An exquisitely worded, thoughtful novel about the meaning of family, commitment and love ... Definitely a book to be savored." (4.5 Stars)

    - RT Book Reviews about The Tears of Dark Water

  • "Read it for entertainment, and you will find yourself pondering the machinations of the world's largest democracy, and who really wields the power."

    - Cape Times (South Africa) about The Tears of Dark Water

  • "This novel has love, romance, guilt and suspense all in one story ... The Tears of Dark Water is pure gold!"

    - Lis Wiehl, Fox Legal Analyst and NYT Bestselling Author

  • "This is great storytelling. A riveting story of modern day piracy, a clash of cultures [and] people's lives torn apart."

    - Booksellers New Zealand about The Tears of Dark Water

  • "A timely and harrowing thriller."

    - Publisher's Weekly about The Tears of Dark Water

  • "A compelling novel with a conscience and a heart ... The Garden of Burning Sand rewards the reader on every level."

    - Richard North Patterson, New York Times Best-selling Author

  • "Addison’s ability to make us care about his characters and their plights might be his biggest achievement. [The Garden of Burning Sand] is a legal thriller with a big heart."

    - Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • "Addison's second novel is both an affecting tale of a tragically abused girl and a convincing plea for humanitarian support in Africa."

    - Kirkus Reviews

  • "If you like stories of good people struggling to do right in the world's forgotten places, there is no one better suited to take you on the ride of your life."

    - John Hart, New York Times Best-selling Author

  • With The Garden of Burning Sand, "Addison delivers another compelling novel exposing human rights violations …"

    - Library Journal

  • A Walk Across the Sun is "a dazzling transcontinental story about the power of conviction, the bonds of family, and the tenacity of love."

    - Publisher's Weekly

  • "The Garden of Burning Sand is a fast-paced thriller that authentically captures the plight of young women in much of Africa today."

    - Andrew Fullem, World Education Center for HIV

  • A Walk Across the Sun is "a pulse-revving novel with a serious message."

    - O Magazine

  • A Walk Across the Sun is "an astounding novel full of first-hand insight that could only come from true-life experience."

    - Irish Sunday Independent

  • The Garden of Burning Sand is "a John Grisham-like page-turner that will make you read deep into the night."

    - Business Day Live

  • The Garden of Burning Sand is "powerful … thoroughly authentic … insightful."

    - The Witness

  • A Walk Across the Sun "deals with challenging issues but in a way that keeps readers gripped to every page--a remarkable literary feat."

    - Dr. Samantha Nutt, founder of War Child Canada/USA

  • The Garden of Burning Sand is "compelling. . . chock full of suspense and emotion."

    - Pride

  • A Walk Across the Sun is "chilling, suspenseful, and powerful . . ."

    - Library Journal

  • A Walk Across the Sun is a "gripping novel about human trafficking."

    - Chatelaine Magazine

  • A Walk Across the Sun is "a chillingly realistic story of children trapped in the global slave trade and the people who fight to rescue them."

    - Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • A Walk Across the Sun is an "ambitious, compassionate debut novel."

    - Christian Science Monitor


  • A Walk Across the Sun is "an insightful take on the all-too-real problems of international human trafficking."

    - Booklist

  • A Walk Across the Sun "infuses a troubling subject matter with ... human vitality and love. Engaging and narratively well-paced."

    - Harvard Crimson

  • "A treasure chest of prose, culture, nuance, insight, despair, and hope, A Walk Across the Sun is the kind of literature that should be celebrated and honored."

    - New York Journal of Books

  • "A Walk Across the Sun stirred me more than any book I've read this year. I was riveted from page one."

    - Christy Tennant, International Arts Movement

  • "A Walk Across the Sun [is] not just a compelling read ... it is a novel that will change how you view the world."

    - Awaatz News

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